Corporater Revamps Its Website to Showcase EPM Suite 4.0 as a Platform

The new Corporater website will reveal the EPM Suite 4.0 flavour and will allow visitors to seamlessly experience performance management as a platform.

Corporater, the Norwegian based enterprise performance management software solution provider has revamped its website with a responsive design to be in tune with the new version of its flagship product, Corporater EPM Suite 4.0. The refreshed design and re-energized content is aimed at enhancing the user experience regardless of the technology used to access the website.

“This new design will ‘live the story’ of what Corporater stands for and how crucial is a highly scalable, flexible and end-user controlled performance management software - a radical change from the IT dependent solutions. The website will be richer in content and will facilitate better navigation to help visitors find the information they are looking for, easily,” said Tor Inge Vasshus, CEO of Corporater.

The new website will carry the look and feel of the newly released EPM Suite 4.0 which is a fully business –user configured enterprise performance management software. The website will also feature the latest case studies that showcase how Corporater EPM Suite 4.0 facilitates enterprise performance management as a platform, allowing organisations of all types and sizes to ensure organizational alignment and effectively execute strategy.  

The Execute Strategy section of the website will offer valuable information on how to place strategy at the heart of performance management. Software Selection Guide, is a special section of the website with expert video and articles aimed at sharing best practices and outlining pitfalls in evaluating performance management software. This section will also allow access to a downloadable Performance Management Software RFP template to help businesses in administering their RFP process efficiently.

About Corporater EPM Suite

Corporater EPM Suite is a leading strategy-driven performance management software solution that can be fully managed and configured by business users, without IT support.Corporater provides business users with everything they need to manage and drive performance including balanced scorecard software, strategy maps, dashboards and KPIs, tools for budgeting and planning, performance reporting, action plans, forms, ETL tools, surveys and more. Corporater EPM Suite is Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard certified, and fully supports the Execution Premium Process.

Please access a fully functional demo of Corporater EPM Suite 4.0 – Performance Management Software Demo

About Corporater

Corporater is a leading enterprise performance management solution provider that was founded in 2000 by CEO Tor Inge Vasshus. As a fast growing company, Corporater’s users have quickly grown into thousands, with customers ranging from SME's to Fortune 500 companies.Corporater has offices in the US, Norway, Sweden, UAE, India and Argentina to support its customers and a global partner network.

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